Finished Risotto

Ris-Ah-Toe: A Basic Risotto Recipe

Ok.  Now that everyone can make a basic white rice pilaf.  It’s time to tackle Risotto.  Besides the ingredients listed below, you should also have a heatproof rubber spatula and ...

Butternut Squash Soup

Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Here’s one of my favorite fall soups. Butternut squash is plentiful (for ease you can buy the already peeled and cubed squash), inexpensive, and I can use up a couple ...

Korean BBQ Chicken

Easy Korean Barbequed Chicken

Here’s a great quick marinade for any kind of meat to be grilled.  Also FANTASTIC with thinner cuts of pork or steak.  Feel free to use chicken wings for a ...

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Sauce of the Gods: Hollandaise

Now that you know how to make a poached egg, the only other thing you need to know is how to make Hollandaise and you can make Eggs Benedict.  Impress Your Friends! Amaze Your Family!  Give a Brunch!  What seems intimidating is actually fairly simple if you know a few dos and don’ts along with […]

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How to Cook Poached Eggs Eggactly Right

Poaching an egg can be very intimidating.  If you have followed my blog from the beginning, you have read how difficult I found egg cooking during culinary school (April 18, 2011 “Still Doing Breakfast”), so you are not alone, if you fear poaching eggs.  I will not tell you how easy it is-because I’d be […]

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A Salad Bowl of Cherries

I LOVE cherries.  My favorite dessert of all time is cherry pie (not that cornstarch-y commercial pie either) I like the kind with a buttery, crumbly, bottom crust and a sugary lattice on top with an oozy cherry pie filling that barely holds together and bubbles through the lattice.  It may not look great…but mmmm, […]

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The Final Word on Macaroni and Cheese

The food trend in recent years is to go back to basics.  We’ve had pizza wars, burger wars and mac ‘n cheese wars.  High end restaurants are more likely to serve ribs (albeit short ribs, rather than BBQ ribs) than Duck á L’Orange.  Comfort food (or variations thereof) is king. So let me throw my […]

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Asian Summer Rolls

I was recently asked to teach a hands-on class for a group that included individuals that were gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan, so the preferred cuisine was Asian. They wanted something quick and fun so they could get on with their real reason for gathering, a colleague’s send-off.  I always like to teach at least one technique in […]

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Delicious and Healthy Spiced Greens

I am always looking for dishes that use healthy ingredients without adding excess fat, salt, and sugar to make them delicious.  It amazes me that some people make a good choice like a salad bar, but then proceed to add a bunch of mayo based toppings, cheese, dried fruit, and then drown it with chemical […]

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Roasting Garlic Takes Your Cooking to the Next Level

My organic farm-Hill Creek Farm-neighbor loves to grow garlic, so I have tasted MANY different varieties-German Extra Hardy, German Red, Georgia Red, Georgia Fire, Metechi, Music, Kettle River Giant, Italian Artic, and Belarus to name just a few. All have slightly different tastes and some produce garlic scapes or have different weather tolerances.  Who knew […]

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Good Gravy!

I cooked a de-boned turkey breast on the rotisserie in my grill last night.  Around this time I crave turkey, after not wanting to look at it for a while post Thanksgiving.   As I was being mesmerized by the rotation of the nicely bundled meat, I started to think about all the gravies I have […]

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Spatzle with Cabbage and Bacon

So, now that we have mastered Spatzle, let’s play a little.  Think of Spatzle in the same way you would think of Ditalani or Orzo.  In soups, with a sauce or combined with other ingredients, adding heft to any dish.  Here’s a dish that can be used as a side or a main dish, depending […]

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Spatzle, Pasta the German Way

  The Italians aren’t the only pasta-lovers ya know. Many cultures have pasta dishes: Poland has Pierogis, the US has egg noodles, Spain has Fideo, China has ramen…you get the idea.  The German answer to pasta is Spätzle (spaetz·le). Spätzle are loved in Germany and are part of its identity and cooking culture.  Although Spätzle […]

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