About Brenda

Brenda Kieffer

Name: Brenda Kieffer

Early Culinary Training: on a tall stool in my mother’s kitchen, then a shorter stool in my boyfriend’s Nonna’s kitchen

Later Training: ICE, Restaurant School, CIA, various restaurants in the US and Europe.

Food Career Background:

At nine I baked my first scratch chocolate layer cake on my own for my mother’s birthday.  I iced it while it was still warm.  With butter cream icing.  Imagine the success I had with that!  To stop my crying, tongue depressors were employed by my physician father in ways never intended.  Thus began by first real cooking lesson and my desire to conquer all things culinary.

Following that passion, I started out as Food Science Major at a large university.  Freshman year, I was the last group by lottery to register for whatever classes were still open.  Forced to take 3, count ‘em- THREE-chemistry courses my first semester, I opted out of that major.  I spent the next 20 plus years looking back.

So it became my “hobby”.  I personally possess a chocolate tempering machine and 2 chinoise…not in boxes, but sitting on my kitchen counter.  This was a SERIOUS hobby.  I won cooking contests, I befriended chefs, working with them and learning, I traveled abroad, cooking in restaurants…weekends and vacations.  I ran a small catering company.  I taught busy people how to cook.  I built my skills.  BUT I was still a “businesswoman”.  I had not officially earned the right to be called CHEF.  Until now.

One Comment on “About Brenda”

  1. Mary Kinkead
    March 21, 2013 at 10:55 pm #

    Brenda…..old friend (not that you’re old (haha)….our friendship is old)…..So happy to have found your site! LOVE reading your blogs….. you are so filled with many talents….add writing to the list! You look wonderful!

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