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Sauce of the Gods: Hollandaise

Now that you know how to make a poached egg, the only other thing you need to know is how to make Hollandaise and you can make Eggs Benedict.  Impress Your Friends! Amaze Your Family!  Give a Brunch!  What seems intimidating is actually fairly simple if you know a few dos and don’ts along with […]

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How to Cook Poached Eggs Eggactly Right

Poaching an egg can be very intimidating.  If you have followed my blog from the beginning, you have read how difficult I found egg cooking during culinary school (April 18, 2011 “Still Doing Breakfast”), so you are not alone, if you fear poaching eggs.  I will not tell you how easy it is-because I’d be […]

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Farm Fresh Blueberry Coffee Cake

I often jones about farmer’s markets.  It’s tough for me to drive by one-there might be something special sold in this particular market.  Something that is not sold at all in the supermarket, let alone hours out of the field, and is also not normally seen in any local farm market.  Maybe some ripe figs…maybe […]

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