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Bread from The Master Baker

I was MIA from blogging last week because I got out of my comfort zone and went to bread baking school in Vermont, home of King Arthur Flour.  This was a professional class for 8 hours a day for 5 days…and we never touched on sourdough, rye, and dark breads.  That’s for another week long […]

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Scandinavian Odyssey

Norway, Denmark, and Finland.  What do these countries have in common?  Well, yes, they are part of Scandinavia.  Yes, they all eat pickled herring.  And yes, they have many blondes.  Not it.  Give up?  The answer is:  I was there last week.  A part of the world I had not yet seen, I was slightly […]

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I’m Just a Big Crab

I am a big proponent of eating the area. If you are in Texas, order beef.  In Maine order lobster.  In Florida it’s local fish.  You get the idea.  My husband, however, has no qualms about going off-the-grid here.  Yes, he has ordered pasta in a Mexican restaurant.  And then complained about how bad it […]

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My Creation

My San Antonio Trip — Cooking Class

Just got in under the wire to come back home after a week-long class in San Antonio, Texas.  I flew out on Saturday morning and they started cancelling flights to the northeast on Saturday afternoon.  Phew. Sorry San Antonio, but I REALLY did not want to get stuck for another day in your city.  The […]

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¡Viva Mexico!

This review is a bit far afield from Pennsylvania, but I was so surprised at this culinary experience that I thought it deserved a blog post.  I was fortunate enough to combine a business trip to Southern California with a trip to a friend’s vacation home in Ensenada, Mexico.  These friends like great food, don’t […]

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