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Cajun Shrimp with Warm Remoulade Sauce

Last week there was Cajun Rice.  This week, I’m making a VERY simple shrimp dish to accompany it.  This dish uses Remoulade, a traditional sauce in The Big Easy.  There are as many kinds of Remoulade as there are parishes in Louisiana.  Some made with ketchup and some with mayonnaise.  Everyone who has their own […]

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Scandinavian Odyssey

Norway, Denmark, and Finland.  What do these countries have in common?  Well, yes, they are part of Scandinavia.  Yes, they all eat pickled herring.  And yes, they have many blondes.  Not it.  Give up?  The answer is:  I was there last week.  A part of the world I had not yet seen, I was slightly […]

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Salmon Grilled on a Cedar Plank

Grilling Salmon on a Cedar Plank

I first tasted Cedar Planked Salmon on a trip to Alaska years ago.  We caught it, the guides fabricated it, and cooked it over an open fire on a plank of wood next to a rushing river.  All in about an hour start to finish.  It was the best fish I ever tasted.  I recalled […]

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En Papillote Cooking Technique

Are you ready for a technique?  Once you learn this, you will use it all the time and not believe that you will ever intimidated by it before.  En Papillote [ahn pa-pee-yawt], is a French technique that means “in paper” or in Italian “al cartoccio”.  En Papillote is a method of cooking in which the […]

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