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Cookie Crazy

Holiday Cookies 21 Kinds.  I Got Carried Away.  My PR (personal record).  Here are the sweet results. Ready for our close-ups, Mr. DeMille. 20 gift trays.  What is left will be served at New Years.   Happy 2015! (now back to my diet reality.)  

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Fresh Ricotta and Beet Salad

I intended to blog about homemade Mozzarella and Buratta this week, but alas, I ran out of an ingredient that is somewhat difficult to source locally, and without it, the cheese will not be cheese. So I give you this recipe that I love to make at this time of the year when salads can […]

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The Seven Pastas

Family traditions are one of the things that make your grown children want to come home for the holidays.  It’s what makes the memories.  I am not sure how this Christmas Eve tradition got started for us, but I think it was because my kids would both very happily eat pasta of any form, anytime.  […]

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