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DIY Croutons

I really have a hard time throwing food away.  However, my husband will not eat leftovers.  I think it comes from never having any food left over as a kid (there were at least nine people around the table every night and you had to be fast).  Any paltry spoonful of peas or potatoes were […]

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Make Naan at Home. There’s “Naan” Like It.

Indian breads have gained popularity in mainstream eating, appearing in regular old grocery stores in the area, like Giant and Acme.  One of these breads, Naan is really very easy to make at home; you probably own a cast iron pan or a baking stone already.   That’s all you need.  Oh, and a rolling pin, […]

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Crispy Lavash, Armenian Flatbread

Before I talk about Lavash, my new obsession this week, I’d like to mention that I have begun teaching the Adult Education program at Montgomery County Community College.  Before you ask, it’s not at the Blue Bell Campus OR at the Pottstown Campus.   There is a brand new Culinary Arts BUILDING, yes, BUILDING in Towamencin […]

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Pita Bread Recipe

Making Pita Bread

No white bread to toast-I am supposed to disdain it anyway-and a bowl of tuna salad (with capers, of course)…what to do…what to do.  Digging through the freezer hoping to unearth an old slab of bread I thoughtfully saved for crumbs, I discover a pack of equally old pita bread.  Ok, this will do.  Toasted […]

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